The gallery below contains two albums. The first is a selection of my print work and is a mixture of freelance jobs and work for direct clients. The second is a selection of work that I did while freelancing for Debenhams. At Debenhams I was designing boyswear garment graphics and it’s more illustration than design.

A poster for the play Ribbon that follows a girl’s unhappy stay at dance college. I used the title of the play as my starting point and created a strong graphic element to portray the ups and downs of the lead character’s path through time.Turners are a boutique selling high end mens fashion brands. They wanted an invite for an exclusive ‘made to measure’ occasion, that would go out to a very small group of privileged customers and friends. I came up with a range of designs, most of which had a more traditional aesthetic in keeping with their usual look. Happily for me they went with the more experimental version.The main requirement for this job was to stand out in the crowded short film corner at the Cannes Film Festival. I went with a clean, bright, simple design that consciously echoes back to the look of Fifties and Sixties film posters and record sleeves.144 pages of skateboard stickers and sticker related stories. From the Seventies to the present day, we did our best to cover a wide range of brands and styles including most of the classic designs such as the Screaming Hand from Santa Cruz and Jason Jesse’s Sun God.The name C-Side plays with the idea of a record having an A and B side and that the artist lives in a small coastal town. My initial idea came from the religious fish emblem that you see on the back of many cars and using the circular shape as a traditional fish bowl. The third bubble on the B side is made by the spindle.I was asked to update the label after the distribution company found the original a bit too plain having only the word mosaic and nothing else on one side. I kept the clean simplicity of the original and added the track listing and a simple nine-square grid logo.The firstsite papers is an on-going series of essays available for free with each artists exhibition. Each one is A3 folded down to DL, they follow the same style with the main colour changing each time to reflect the content of the specific artist’s work.Keeping the existing logo, my job was to reinvigorate the hotel’s brand. I came up with a main illustration that could be adapted for all of the hotel’s needs including it’s advertising and all printed matter. The rebranding included a new palette of colours that the illustration could appear in.The client wanted their Ardbeg brand to be aimed at the premium end of the market. We kept it very simple and classy focusing on the fact that Ardbeg is renowned for its overtly peaty, smokey house style. I also worked on the copy with some of it tied in with the recent smoking ban.

If you’d like to see my video and motion graphics work you can check out my Vimeo page. The are a few commercial pieces but most of it is experimental.

I also have some abstract background clips available on iStockPhoto.

I don’t do photography commercially but as this site is about my creative side you might like to have a look at my Flickr page.