My First HDR

Cat: Photography, Work

Spending Christmas in Cyprus gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new camera. After spending a while shooting lots of tourist type shots of cats and archeology I thought I’d have a go at shooting some HDR pictures.

If you haven’t heard of HDR photography it stands for High Dynamic Range and involves taking a range of bracketed shots and combining them into a single 32bit image. This image contains more colour and light information than a computer can display so then it needs to be tone-mapped. This is the stage where you need to be careful as it’s quite easy to overdo it. Some people like the extreme look that you can get but I prefer to try and keep my shots quite subtle.

As well as the examples in this post you can see my results here. They didn’t come out too bad but I’ve gained a few pointers since I took these. Firstly my lens, these were shot with the 18-55mm kit lens and the more I’ve used this lens the more I’ve found the results a little soft. The second is the mirror lock up setting. This locks up the mirror in the camera before it takes the shot, this helps remove any camera shake caused by the shutter. Because you’re trying to take multiple images of the same thing, even the slightest camera movement can ruin your shot.

I also have a few other HDR images here.


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