Can You See Me?

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For years now camouflage has been a big part of civilian fashion trends and for me personally military aesthetics have always been a great source of inspiration. Ever since leaving college and designing t-shirt prints for the local skate shop I’ve wanted to design my own camouflage pattern.

Luckily for me a long-time friend decided to set up a clothing company catering to the fishing industry. The company is Diem Angling. It takes its style from the skateboard and snowboard markets and finally gives anglers a strong brand of their own. While working on the Diem branding and various print elements I was asked to create a bespoke camouflage pattern.

The pattern is an important part of the brand and is used on many of the items in the range. The design of it was quite a challenge. The pattern is made up of various, tiny elements taken from photos and then manipulated and scaled until they created a pleasing pattern. The diagonal look is a small nod to the Tigerstripe pattern worn by American troops in the Vietnam War. The colours are based loosely on those of British DPM.

It was a great project to work on, made even better when you see the following video:


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