First Impressions

Cat: Inspiration

Ask any graphic designer and they won’t have a problem telling you what first got them interested in design. Like many my first inspirations came from record sleeves, specifically those of Pop Will Eat Itself designed by The Designers Republic and Living Colour designed by The Thunder Jockeys.

But the other day I tried to think of the first strong graphic image that had an impact or stayed with me long before I knew what design was.

I decided that it would have to be the Mary Quant daisy. My mum had a set of Mary Quant make up crayons. They came in a bright egg-yolk yellow tin with a big, black daisy on the top. The crayons weren’t used by my mum for make up but rather by my brother and I for face painting.

Image courtesy Museum of London

I’ve never forgotten that simple but bold tin. I even looked to see if I could get a set of the crayons on eBay. They’re there but have become quite collectible, so collectible in fact that they are part of the collection at The Museum of London.


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