I Should Koko

Cat: Motion Graphics, Video, Work

The urban festival that is Camden Crawl is sponsored by Gaymers Cider and takes place in venues big and small all over the Camden area.

As well as posters, banners, and other print and POS items Gaymers also wanted W3 to produce a motion graphics loop to be shown on screens in three of the larger venues; Koko, Dingwalls, and The Roundhouse. In the case of Koko the graphics were also going to be projected onto a 30ft screen in front of the stage during band change over.

Motion graphics is an area that I have always wanted to get into and I had just started using After Effects when this job came about. It was great fun to work on. The best part for me had to be seeing my first commercial motion project, 30ft wide, being watched by a sold out, Koko crowd.

We were lucky to be supplied some great rock and roll images from Gus Stewart, a well known and highly respected music photographer.

Check out the loop here:


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