About Me


Hello! My name is Steve Cardwell and LAB618 is my home on the net.

I’m a freelance designer based in Colchester, currently working in East Anglia and London.

Having over 15 years experience I am first and foremost a print designer but along the way have picked up some experience in web design, motion graphics and programming. Because I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all areas of my life, I find that this carries over in to my work. I enjoy discovering new techniques and technologies that I can incorporate into projects.

The majority of my work is carried out on site either with in-house kit or on my laptop. If more convenient to you, I can work from home having a full Mac setup with Adobe CS3, Final Cut Studio and Adobe After Effects. I’ve also been known to wield the odd soldering iron or hot glue gun when the job requires it!

My outside interests include: disc golf, designer vinyl toys, snowboarding, hill walking, Native American art, creative writing (I will get that novel written one day!) and reading. I also have a slight obsession with LOLCats.

Some of my influences include: Michael C. Place, Reid Miles, Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Vince Frost, Alan Fletcher, Mark Farrow, David Carson, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Joshua Davis and Robert Hodgin.

Whilst showing new work and projects that I’m involved with I use LAB618 to talk about things, usually design-related, sometimes not, that interest me. The aim being to give possible collaborators and companies a better idea of who I am and who they could be hiring.

Take a look around the site and if I can be of service, please get in touch.